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Do You Need More Advanced Push ups? Yes you do.

Have you mastered The Push Up? Are you looking for something more challenging?

Maybe its time to make it harder, without carrying any Equipment or Weights around. Many Scientific Studies have shown how much more you can do, with Advanced Push up Variations [1-7}

Gyms are Shut, So Time to Train Differently

Yeah, the Gyms are shut because of Rona, and its likely to stay that way for at least 2 years. So, its time to Explore all the options in Calisthenics and Bodyweight Exercises. Push ups are a great full body exercise, and offer a great workout and some of you already have "Mastered the Push up". But Now its time to make them more challenging. You can make Push Ups harder by using.........Advanced Push Ups. [7]. You can increase Pushing Force of Push ups by using different Push up variations.

Calisthenic Progression Model

Those in the Calisthenics World , have been using Progressions and Variations of foundational exercises for many years . We take a look at the Techniques and different types of Advanced Push Ups in a Video Tutorial. Covering Deep PU''s to Decline PU's and then Beast Variations like the Archer and Pike PU's. A tutorial on 4 Great Advanced PU's that you can work into your routine, to get ripped.

Unfortunately, I didn't include the Pseudo Planche Push up, because I want to keep that for a Rings Pullover Tutorial. For that Skill, you will need good strength in your Pseudo Planche Push up and I thought that would be great to have that there.

Workout Smarter

Doing 50 to 100 Push Ups is boring. Honestly, you're probably not doing them properly anyway.

Make your Work outs better, with these ADVANCED PUSH UPS, which target different muscles and markedly Increase the Pushing force of Push Ups. [3-7]

Workout smarter and you will reap the rewards. Check out more Exercise Programs and information throughout our website We integrate improvements in Sleep, Diet and Exercise to give you fantastic Body Transformations and get you looking and feeling great.

Make sure you warm up

Because you are pushing more bodyweight and sometimes putting large, New stresses on your body, its essential you warm up and activate your joints, ligaments and muscles. Pike Push ups will test your hamstring flexibility. Archer push ups and Pike push ups are going to put stress through your wrists. And, Deep and decline push ups will have you moving through larger ranges of movement.

So make doubly sure you are warming up. Our Body Activation follow along, pays particular attention to Wrist preparation and flexibility and is essential before going into your Calisthenics routine.


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