Bushwalking and Hiking : Getting out of the City

Updated: Apr 6

Getting out of the City

So you have a busy job, your life is packed full of things to do and you have to do all these things and.....

As a Physician you become acutely aware of the Fast Life.

In university you have to fit in the social life and often your exercise time and sleep suffer the consequences.

Then you start working. In my day, an internship in a hospital, we were clicking off 70-100 hour plus weeks, regularly.

Then you sit more exams and then you start working as a consultant and the pace just keeps building. Some people go on to add kids into the mix just to spice it up even more.

You are in the Rat Race.

Time, How to slow it down

So this year I've been heading out of the city every weekend.

Ive been getting to remote places as you can see on the youtube channel.

Its funny but time seems to stop out here. When I was working , it felt I had no time to have a weekend break. I think that's because your perception of time when you are busy is sped up. So you think you dont even have time to leave, or even that you might miss something. But when you leave the city and that fast lifestyle, time seems to slow down.

Go away for a weekend

Build a campfire, listen to the forest on a bushwalk or look at the stars, and tell me that time doesnt slow down. All those things like TV and advertising that compete for your attention, they are gone and you can see how much you dont need that.

Do you really need to do all your errands and meetings on the weekend, or do you need sometime to wind down and regenerate. Try it and get back to me on that one.

Give it a go

You wont regret going away. Ive recently been to Forested areas for a nice campfire in the forest, hearing amazing sounds of the wind through the trees, birds and possums. Contrast that with walks along beaches and just listening and watching waves and the ocean.

Been bushwalking seeing kangaroos, wallabies, echidnas, blue tongue lizards and koalas as well as all the birdlife. All this just a few hours out of a major city and yet seemingly out of reach for so many people..