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Easy High Protein , Low Carb Dessert

When you are losing weight or eating to maintain peak performance, you dont need to miss out. Most of my patients will get the spiel about this dessert, but here it is for those who missed it.

I eat in a 3 hour window, fasting for 21 hours.

The food I eat has to have a high nutritional value. I exercise with huge intensity and if I dont get my protein demands, I wont get benfits of that exercise. This also has to be satisfy the cravings we have for a sweet dessert.

This dessert has you covered. It is high in protein and low in sugars and carbs

Get 4 scoops of Vanilla flavoured Launch WHEY from Vital Strength.

I have only found two good protein powders that are low in carbs and sugar, and this is one of them. The other is Performance Isolate by Optimum Nutrition.

These both have roughly 2 % sugar.

Combine with a Almond milk, of course unsweetened, which is 2% sugar. You can either use this or Greek Yoghurt which is around 3-4% sugar. Combining is also a good idea. Now you have some probiotics added in, from the yoghurt.

Lastly some frozen Fruit. I aim for 10% or less sugar content in my fruit.

Frozen berries hit the spot, either mixed berries, strawberries or Raspberries.

Put all in a blender, 5-10 second blend and its ready.

There are lots of other options as well , such as Denada Icecream which is low in sugar. Make sure you read the per 100gm on everything you eat. A good rule of thumb is, Over 10% sugar is just too much.

Just stop eating sugar. It is the major cause of T2DM, obesity and in no way should it ever be considered healthy.

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