From Fat to Ripped: Amazing Body Transformation in 6 months. What are the Keys for Success?

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

I see many people starting body transformations by using fad diets and after losing a few kilos, for whatever reason, they put them back on and give up. So what makes a successful program? There are many reasons, for this so lets look at the issues you will confront and the keys to success.

The Body's Mechanisms Resist Diet Changes

Medical Studies have actually shown that hormones such as Leptin will drive the body to restore its weight, by affecting food seeking behaviours. For this reason many people fail at losing weight, over and over again. You need to make sure your diet and diet plan are suitable to achieve what you want. So that means you have to research and find what will work and what is right for you. Be careful of what diet you choose.

Set a Goal and Focus

There are many reasons why my weight loss and body transformation were successful. So we can try break these down.

First, you need to set some goals. Goal setting is simple to do , but hard to apply. Many people don't see things through, getting disillusioned with the process or become bored of the hard work. You need to concentrate and stay focussed on what your end goal is.

Working through difficulties

There are always going to be difficulties. It can be pain, stress, loss of motivation or injury. Of course, life will throw challenges and obstacles at you. But, these often present opportunities to think and approach things differently. As a result the exact problems you face, will actually be a blessing in disguise, allowing you to learn something. Difficult challenges will help you progress.

Put some Effort in. Think about your Exercise

Your workouts don't have to be the same thing over and over again. In fact, I can guarantee that you will get bored doing that and will stop exercising.

Put time into your exercise, not only when you are doing it, but in the planning as well. Don't just go to a gym and hop on an elliptical. Don't just belt out the same exercise routine for the 400th time. Have a look on instagram or youtube for some inspiration and change your routine, do something different.

Perhaps its time to play sport or go for a swim at the beach. The gym is not the only place to exercise. If the weather is good, consider getting outside, or calling a friend for a game of tennis. Don't pigeon hole yourself into the gym.

Be Flexible but be Consistent. Keep track of What you Do.

The best way to tackle this is to make an Exercise Diary.

Simply draw up a month, on a piece of paper or a Spreadsheet.

Jot down what you do on a daily basis. This will help you plan out what needs to be done, or what you are doing to much of. It will also help you stay focussed on doing exercise daily. You can track weekly weight and any injuries to help identify patterns or things that need addressing.

My success can be your success.

So by following a simple formula, setting goals, making an exercise diary and dealing with challenges, I was able to achieve fantastic results.

I put time into considering my diet, exercise and lifestyle choices. You can do the same.

Body Transformation: Changing Fat to Muscle

Fast forward 6 months and I had lost 60 kg of Fat and put on Muscle at the same time. My Energy, Fitness, Strength and Confidence had Improved immensely. I could run, swim, play basketball and tennis. I had my life back. I woke up with Energy and felt Refreshed.

I am now the most Fit and Strong I have ever been in my life. That's strange and hard for me to believe as I have been a keen sportsman and gym nut for the majority of my life. If you told me that I would be strongest at this age when I was 20 , I would never have believed you.

Determination to improve

Clearly you also need determination to succeed and a strong mental focus. You need an Exercise Program to challenge you, keeping you engaged and to give you performance.

So if your program is uninspiring and you are sick of the treadmill, take a look at our exercise programs and get better today.

Sleep, Diet and Exercise are Linked

Following the Diet changes, Sleep management and Exercise program I developed, I went from fat, to absolutely just 6 months. It took a lot of research and application of Medical Knowledge and Clinical experience.

Your Sleep, Diet and Exercise are all linked and play critical roles in impacting your Body, Weight and Health. [4-8] You too can get these results and enjoy the increase in Performance and Wellbeing that comes from getting in shape. Check out our blog posts and what we have on offer at

Good luck on the road to a better you, hopefully we can help you on the way.

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