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No gym,No muscles.No problem.

The Coronavirus has shut our Gyms and Changed our lives. To be honest, I think that its a great opportunity, especially for those, who are not exercising or looking after themselves. As People realise that Covid19 is likely with us for at least 2 years, its time to start thinking of different ways to exercise.

The Era of Bodyweight Training is NOW

It's a Great time to Re-evaluate, and have a think about Getting into Exercise and Improving your Health. Its time to think, how you have been Training and if you can make some Changes that are Best for you. Maybe its time to think of getting off those crappy Gym Machines and start getting into Calisthenics?

Without a doubt Gymnastic Rings will be the cheapest , most versatile and Best piece of Exercise Equipment you will ever own. So maybe its time to have a look at getting into the Gymnastic Ring World of Exercise. Rings honestly provide limitless new challenges to achieve and push you because the progression model of Calisthenics keeps the exercises difficult and rewarding. For More Bodyweight exercises check out our Exercise Programs.

Benefits of Gymnastic Rings

I've introduced many people to Gymnastic Rings and Gymnastic Ring Workouts. From complete Beginners to Strong Athletes, Gymnastic Rings will give you a fantastic Workout particularly working on your Core and Stabiliser muscles that are not exercised by Gym Machines. The alluring aspect of rings is Balance. Once you are doing your Strength training and Balancing on the Rings at the same time, you will see that skill development is not only releasing Dopamine, but Activating all your Stabiliser muscles. And that makes you Stronger , keeps your mind challenged and burns fat.

This Video, helps you start your Rings Journey and is Great for Beginners to Calisthenics. I've trained many beginners and have a good feel for what its like to "start from scratch". So, Check it out today and when you are done, have a look at what else we offer in terms of Gymnastic Rings Programs.

How to develop Strength in Bodyweight training

Many exercises are very difficult especially for beginners in Bodyweight training. Luckily Calisthenics has simple progression models for beginners and elite athletes.[1] Eccentric movements have long been used to provide a low energy solution to Muscle and strength development.[1] The push up, pull up and dip can all be trained with eccentric movements , to build muscle and strength. So beginners can benefit and get into Calisthenics, straight away. Additionally we can use Resistance bands to help provide further support, balance and provide a feedback system to learn how to move the body through various calisthenics movements.

Progression In Calisthenics

Calisthenics is all about using your Bodyweight to get strong...and having fun doing it at the same time. Many Calisthenics exercises might look easy but it often isn't. That is the Beauty of Calisthenics. You start with foundational Exercises and Build your Skill and Strength piece by piece to achieve your goals. Its a fantastic Progression Model and one that you will never exhaust. The challenges will just keep coming. Honestly, this will change your View on Exercise Forever.

You will not want to go into a gym and bore yourself on an Exercise Machine every again.

Ab and Core Exercises {vod}

Our "Intermediate Rings Workout", is in the Store now.

It follows on from the "Beginner Rings Workout" and will keep you Progressing with a Great Full Body Workout that you can take anywhere, you can hang your rings. Its still a relatively Simple Guide aimed at bridging the Gap in your Strength and Skill, from Beginner with no muscles to Intermediary with some know how and strength.

Muscle up, L-sit and Forward Roll Combo [ vod]

Get your Rings Today and Start Your Calisthenics Journey with Us.

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