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Gymnastics Rings Workouts with an Assist Device

Updated: Sep 6, 2021

So I recently had a bad shoulder injury, not related to my workouts I should add.

I was keen to not lose too much progress. Classical situation really. You have put so much work in and get an injury. The normal and generally correct decision here is to stop, heal and then rehab the injury. But is that always the only option? Well 99 times out of 100, it is. There are some who can get that 1 % window and that requires knowledge, persistence and creativity.

Gymnastics Assist Device

So I made my own Gymnastic Rings Assist device. It consists of pulleys, a harness , carabiners, a ring set up and some climbing rope all of which I got off Amazon. It literally took ten minutes to put together and I was off.

The device takes about 50 % of your weight off you. Given my injury, I cautiously tried it out and was performing the planche, front levers and back levers straight away.

The relief, I was absolutely thrilled. I was very concerned I wouldn't be able to get on my rings for a few months, with stopping , wasting of muscle and loss of skill. Then rehabbing and finally returning to exercise. It takes months. So this device has absolutely saved me. Again, its not going to suit everyone, but its just something that worked for me.


I have long discussed that exercise MUST be FUN. It must be versatile to keep your brain and mind engaged and it must challenge you. That way you will see its value and incorporate it into your a priority.

So whilst I'm at my level, I find rings routines and foundational calisthenics a great platform for myself. But everyone is at a different level and have different lifestyles and time commitments. You need to somehow get your exercise into your life.

The Gymnastic assist device allows you to work on your cues and skills without requiring the strength components that normally befit calisthenics on the rings. This opens up difficult exercises to more people. And it is FUN.

I really look forward to my weekly session on the device. Ive made several routines you can see here on Youtube and they allowed me to continue with my progress and work on my cues for planche, front lever and back lever.

From here you can start learning other skills that are normally too difficult, but with the assist device are within reach.

If you would like to learn more about the device, let me know in the comments and I will consider making a video on how you can easily make your own device for a fraction of the cost. Additionally sub to Dr. Lifepro here and on Youtube to keep updated with more rings routines.

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