How To Do a Push Up.....Properly

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

As common as it sounds and as simple as it looks, the Push up is one of the easiest exercises... to get wrong.

Push ups are a Great Bodyweight Exercise

Gyms are shut due to the lockdown, so its time to use Bodyweight exercises to stay fit and strong.

The Push up is one of the best exercises you can do. You can take it anywhere and do it anytime. It requires no equipment and being a closed chain kinetic exercise, its great for your entire body including important stabiliser muscles and your Core. So, dont worry, I got you covered.

How to Get Your First Push up

In this video " the Push up" we will teach you how to get your first Push Up and How to do it properly. We explain it simply for you to understand, and it can be learnt by almost everybody. I have taught many beginners how to progress through this exercise.

We will review how to avoid Common Mistakes along the way and understanding what is REALLY important when you do a push up to make it a Full body exercise, including your core.

Spoiler, its not how many you can do. If you are finding you are doing Push ups too easily , check out the Advanced Push ups Post to keep furthering your strength gains.

Bodyweight Exercises Travel with you

You can take bodyweight exercises anywhere. Whether you are travelling, stuck in Quarantine or Lockdown, you still will be able to do a Push up. Once you have mastered the Push up , we have more Push up exercises to keep your challenged, with the Advanced Push ups Tutorial.

"The Push up" is your complete guide to this fantastic Bodyweight exercise. \

Our Exercise Programs include a great Body Activation Routine, an Advanced Push Up Tutorial and a Beginner Gymnastic Rings Workout. All using your Bodyweight and great for the current time when Gyms are Shut due to Covid.

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