How to Lower the Carb load of Pasta and Rice?

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

A key for my amazing weight reduction was reducing, and pretty much eliminating "Carbs".

Many Clinical Studies have shown that reducing Carbohydrates in addition to other dietary and lifestyle changes has a huge effect on Weight loss and the hormonal systems your body uses to control weight and hunger.

I'm not going to lie, it was tough, but, it was well worth it, with the great Weight Reduction I achieved. I really have No issue avoiding them now, despite growing up with large amounts of pasta, bread and rice in my diet in the past. My diet and weight loss is made much better and much easier by reducing carbs and sugar.

Alternatives to Rice and Pasta ?

So, what are some Alternatives to the High Carbohydrate foods of Rice and Pasta. Thankfully there are quite a few new products on the market which I used to avoid Carbs.

One fantastic product was Konjac Pasta. It is from a Root Vegetable from South East Asia and has Zero Carbs and Zero Sugar. When I was starting to crack , for a pasta meal, I found this product quietly sitting in the supermarket. You dont even need to cook it really , you can just throw it into your hot pasta sauce and you are done.

Recently I have Found some Rice " mock ups" with Konjac finely chopped and mixed with Quinoa. Now these do have some carbs, so might not be best for those on Strict Keto or in the early stages of their diet with hard Carb avoidance. So for the Maintenance low carb crew these are great coming in at around 9% carbs.

Preparing Rice and Pasta to Reduce Carb Load

Now, we are going to Focus on how you can Prepare Rice and Pasta, to reduce the Carbohydrate load. Generally speaking, Pastas and Rice will have in excess of 50% carbohydrates.

Research Studies have repeatedly shown that "Cooled pasta and Reheated pasta" have less Carbohydrate load and cause less Blood Glucose rise after consumption, compared to cooked pasta. [1,2,3]

This provides somewhat of a "Loophole", for those needing a break from their "low Carb diets" consuming "cheat foods" whilst not having the Blood Glucose hit. By preparing the food in a slightly different manner you can have your Cheat food and not feel to guilty or pay a significant penalty. And simply by cooling the rice/ pasta and reheating it, you can do this too.

Lowering The Carb Load Further

Some Researchers have been able to Lower the Carbohydrate load by up to 50% by Cooling and Reheating the pasta / rice meals 3 times. Many Rice Cookers will have a Stay Warm Option. So this can be as simple as turning this off and on three times. Pretty simple strategy to reduce your carbohydrate load.

It is believed that the Starch Molecular structure is Remodelled in the the Cooling and Reheating process , thereby reducing its ability to illicit a rise in blood sugar level.[2]

Those familiar with the Dietary Programs at Dr.Lifepro, know that this is a big win, for themselves and weight loss.

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