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Making Exercise Fun

Updated: Dec 25, 2021

We all know exercise is important for your health. But, many of us dont exercise, even if we know this.

With such high levels of obesity in modern society its clear that we are not managing our health well.

I see many people go into a gym and do a bicep curl and then maybe jump on a treadmill and leave. I see equally as many people run up to a pull up bar, do a few and leave. Now, I commend the exercise, thats fantastic. But, you need to and can do more.

If that is your routine, you will simply get bored

You need to invest some time into understanding, your body and how to work it. Gym machines aren't very good for you, in the long run. Its important to understand your body rather than putting your trust in a gym machine.

Worse still, they will bore you to death as they are not all.

Challenge yourself

Bodyweight exercises and Gymnastic rings offer a great means of challenging yourself physically and mentally. Your creativity can lead to fantastic development and body control. That strength is adaptable to almost any sport you can think of, meaning it has far more value than using gym machines and cookie cutter workouts, that dont develop functional strength.

The sense of creativity, building and achievement from performing this cant be matched when compared to doing gym machine workouts or simply running on treadmills.

So invest some time into yourself and you will definitely get rewarded. Have a look at some of the building blocks available on youtube to get the creative boost you need for your exercise.

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