Understanding Your Relationship with Food.

Updated: Mar 4

Is it a Diet change you need or a Different Lifestyle ?

There are many things that led to the Diet you eat today. Most of them are unconscious decisions, that are taken out of your hands. Others are made for you by others, and you have no idea about it.

I'm talking about what is in your food, how it got there and why you think you need to eat.....so frequently.

Why do I eat So Much?

It's important to understand How your Body works, and how this Affects your Relationship to Food, Hunger and your Weight. By understanding this and controlling it, you can lose weight. Your body's complex systems evolved over millions of years and there is simply no way it can adapt quickly enough to the rapid changes to our diet in the last 100 years.[4] And that, is why we have an Obesity problem today.

Ghrelin , Leptin , Insulin and Sugar

Ghrelin and Sugar play critical important roles in your Hunger and your Metabolism.

Many studies have shown that Ghrelin is an important hormone that regulates your hunger. But, it isnt just Ghrelin, as other studies have linked Leptin as a key hormone in seeking food to maintain your weight.

These Hormones have an interesting relationship with sugar. [1,9] When sugar levels drop, Ghrelin rises and so does your Hunger. When you eat sugar, ghrelin reduces.

But how is this linked to Obesity?

Insulin is released whenever Sugar enters the blood. Because there is so much Sugar in the diet and we are eating so often to replace the drop in sugar levels, Insulin is secreted far too often. Insulin reduces blood sugar by turning it into fat. So that is a big problem as it causes OBESITY.

67 % Sugar, just WTF.  How is this even legal
67 % Sugar, How is this even legal.

Excessive Insulin Secretion causes Type 2 Diabetes

Unfortunately, it does not stop there. Because Insulin is released in such large amounts, the body becomes desensitised to it, leading to more Insulin being released to have the same effect and as a result, Type 2 Diabetes. We will cover this serious medical condition in another post.

Understanding how Sugar affects your body

These hormone interactions with your diet are extremely important to understand. They were important factors when I constructed my Weight loss Diet.

Unfortunately, it is also something that is used by Food producers to impact your relationship with Food and your purchases.

Sugar is addictive and this is well known and exploited, whether you like it or not. The Graphs below, taken from a Clinical study, show the relationship between Sugar entering the blood, causing Insulin to rise and Ghrelin to reduce. Sugar consumption, has been increasing in huge amounts, as Food producers make their products more desirable, by adding MORE SUGAR.

Change Your Lifestyle, Take Control Back

In my Diet Programs we examine this further. I teach you how to be aware of this and how to counter it. As we create an understanding of how Food, Diet and Hunger mechanisms are linked, your relationship with these will undoubtedly change.

This isnt a Diet, its a Lifestyle change, One that you will never want to change once you Understand How your Body works, and how the Modern World affects it. Its more important that we know what is happening in our body to make the right changes, than to just go for a quick fix like a diet. And its vital you use Clinical Studies combined with Clinical experience and Real World Application for this.

Sorry but Studies show, Diets Dont Work

Diet's are not going to work, not for the long term. This has been proven in countless studies[3].

You may lose weight, but you will also put it back on, as the body is designed to return you back to your original weight, using several hormone feedback systems, involving Ghrelin and Leptin.

You NEED to make longstanding changes to your lifestyle. Understanding your Body, and how it processes Sugar, will work [9]. Making changes to your Sleep and Exercise along with this will improve your lifestyle and its something that does last.[7,8] You can keep the body you want and make healthy long lasting changes.

I will be releasing more information regarding Diet and Body Transformation in upcoming posts. Its a complex discussion but easily understood.

We don't count calories, We don't use silly point systems. This isn't any clickbait garbage that lasts for a few weeks and puts you right back where you started. If you want to learn about your Body and take control of what you eat for the rest of your life, this is the place for you.

being overweight is bad for your health

Obesity causes Morbidity and Mortality

There is undeniable evidence that being obese and overweight is linked to many medical conditions including ,

  • OSA,

  • Depression,

  • Cancer,

  • Type 2 Diabetes,

  • Osteoarthritis,

  • Cardiovascular disease,

  • Stroke, etc......[2].

By making the right choices you can lose weight, become healthier and improve your quality of life. Its time.

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