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My Rings Routine ...the journey so far

Updated: Jul 25, 2022

I am not really sure how I came up with this routine. I added bits together over the last few months following my shoulder injury and it morphed into a great routine. Perhaps, not being able to exercise as I wanted, gave me more time to make a fun and creative workout that would challenge me.

I started my fitness journey at 130kg. I went on a diet, started fasting and hit the gym, where I learnt I couldn’t even do a pull up anymore.

I lost the weight and started working on calisthenics, with the first goal of a muscle up. Then I was working on the back lever and front lever before an unfortunate injury with a traumatic shoulder dislocation. A bad one.

That was a real setback, especially at my vintage of 45, where it is clearly harder to heal from injuries. Additionally, I was just getting into surfing and making fast progress and this would end all that.

I had to reset all my goals and deal with severe pain and loss of function of my shoulder. It was difficult starting calisthenics and surfing from zero again, both mentally and physically. I couldn’t paddle, and I couldn’t do a pull up..... again. And I had to wait for my body to heal.

I pushed hard and one by one, the pull up , muscle up and back lever all fell into place, perhaps I should say pushed back into place as it was a fight. Using all my knowledge to exercise safely and recover.

I tried some planche work and variations of muscle ups and then started rolling all these together into the routine we see today.

I will caution anyone wishing to do this routine, that there is a danger of biceps injury, so make sure you have done lots of bicep stretching and conditioning before attempting this. If you check my instagram and youtube , you can see how I achieved this, whilst rehabbing my shoulder. I will release more of a how to guide in the coming months.

I have been working on this for a few months, doing between 5-7 of the routines on one day once a week. Including the warm up, it all fits into one hour, so its nice short and intense workout.

It is something I find challenging and enjoyable, something I have always wanted my exercise to be.

The Warm up at the end of the video is an essential part to prevent injury and get your body ready for the workout. I would recommend doing this before any rings work, and its a great shoulder routine for anyone who has had shoulder troubles.

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