Natural White Noise for Insomnnia and Relaxation

In my clinics I saw thousands of patients with Insomnia.

We have already discussed Improving Sleep Hygiene, and I encourage you to check that post, but today we are talking about other things you can do to help your insomnia.

Get out of the City

I have recently been heading out of the city any chance I can, to go Bushwalking and Surfing. You can see from the Relaxing Nature playlist, that I have been to some pretty amazing places all within 2-3 hours drive from Melbourne.

The difference it makes is immense. The city is designed to get your attention and to keep you there. When you head out of the city, you feel different. Nature is relaxing and you feel your place. You develop an understanding, that you are not the centre of everything as modern media will have you believe. There are far bigger things going on, and you are a small part of that.

So getting out of the city gives you a better perspective. People climbing over each other to be on top, they have no relevance out here. When you go bushwalking and hiking, you can clear your mind of all the clutter.

You will not be able to fix your insomnia, sitting at home or in your apartment. You need to change your lifestyle and look at your life from a different perspective.

Natural White Noise

The natural white noise from waterfalls , waves and rainfall , has helped humans fall asleep for millions of years. Now because of the way we live, we can take this and use it to help sleep onset, particularly in environments that are not ideal.

White noise is so named because it's analogous to white light, which is a mixture of all visible wavelengths of light.

Since it includes all audible frequencies, white noise is often used to mask other sounds. For example, some people use white noise as a sleep aid to drown out annoying sounds in the environment. And in todays modern cities, there are annoying sounds and sound pollution everywhere.

And because it can mask other sounds, it allows some people to concentrate on mediation or to simply stop thinking. This is another way it can help promote sleep onset.

Media Standards have fallen

Be careful reading media information regarding medical issues. The majority of journalists have no idea what they are talking about, and present information in a very biased manner, obtaining quotes and referencing studies with little to no relevance. As social media has increased, the media has become less relevant and has lowered its standards to the point of clickbait in an attempt to get clicks and advertisers. Additionally, many medical papers are also poorly written with little thought or intelligence making the matter even worse.

White noise can be used as an Aid for Insomnia and has been used by millions of people successfully with no ill effects. You can use short audio tracks like this youtube video Kalimna Falls which finishes after 16 minutes. You dont need to play white noise throughout your entire sleep period. White noise aids in sleep onset.

Other Remedies

Alternatively if you dont see any improvement with White noise, use something else. Humans are all different and we all need different treatments to fix our problems.

Consider other facets of improving sleep hygiene and consider getting out of the city and finding you own white noise.

Its not just the White noise that can help. The exercise and stress relief of being out of the city when you go hiking or surfing will definitely help.

Relaxing Nature Playlist


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