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The Port Campbell 2021, 1.2 km Open Water Swim.

I would recommend a wetsuit for this one. Woke up Saturday to find cars and people everywhere in the quiet town of Port Campbell. Found there was this swimming event, the "ShripWreck Coast Swim Series" or the "12 Apostles Plunge", it seems to go by two names.

Its part of 3 Swim events, held in the Australian summer in Port Fairy, Warnambool and Port Campbell. It looked very exciting, being able to swim in the natural cliffs ampitheatre of Port Campbell, but Registration had closed over a month ago.

I was a lifesaver and a swimming teacher when I was younger, and have always enjoyed ocean swimming. I ran back and grabbed my Wetsuit and swam out to the jetty and back. It was cold and I never swam in a wetsuit before but the water was clear and absolutely beautiful. The wetsuit actually helps as it has bouyancy so I felt like I was cheating. Did I mention the water was cold. It was around 18 degrees celsius. I have no idea how the guy in the elite class isnt wearing a wetsuit, he is insane.

I've been swimming everyday at the beach last couple of weeks, after my workouts, so it was manageable. Being summer and not having a gym for over a year I have moved my workouts to Beach Venues. You can check them out on Youtube and please do subscribe to the channel. After seeing this event, I will be increasing my swimming to 2km this winter, so I can make this event next year.

Swimming in Australia really seems to have dropped off. There are many reasons for this, but hopefully we can address this by promoting these exciting events. They really do inspire you to train hard all year.

I formerly swam over the reefs from North Cottesloe to Cottesloe in Perth and despite the dangers it was an amazing swim. In Sydney I enjoyed the swim at Bondi and Bronte, but in Melbourne I find people don't really swim. Its the calmest of water being in Port Phillip Bay, but people seemed to have stopped swimming at the beach here.

Swimming is such a great sport , both physically and mentally and Ocean swimming is free as well. It places very little stress on the body , yet is fantastic for core strength and is a full body exercise. I find it particularly good for improving my back and straight arm strength.

Impressive swim by all who competed. See ya next year for this event.

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