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Warming up Shoulders before a Calisthenics Routine

Calisthenics Bar and Ring work can be especially brutal on your body. Even worse, we are often so excited to hit the bar or rings that we can jump straight into it without warming up and get an injury.

So what can we do to warm up and get the workout going?

Get warm first with a Bike Ride or Run

Why not ride or run to the gym. Its a great way to get a general warm up and the blood circulating. If you are in a gym, you also have an elliptical or rowing machine which can get you going.

Run, Rollerblade or Ride to your Gym
Run, Rollerblade or Ride to your Gym

Resistance Band Shoulder dislocates

These are an easy way to get your shoulders warmed up.

Shoulders are susceptible to injury because it is a shallow ball and cup joint and..

  1. Shoulder stabilisers such as rotator cuff are often weak

  2. Muscular imbalance: with front deltoid being over trained.

  3. Shoulder pain from Biceps tendonitis

Make sure to tighten the resistance and get a fantastic stretch in external rotation.

One Arm Shoulder Exercise with Resistance Band

These have long been used by those in Calisthenics to ensure good mobility and strength in the Shoulder, working through a fantastic range of Movement.

Band Pull Aparts

Working in the Horizontal plane with emphasis on ...

  1. Scapula Protraction : spread apart

  2. Scapula Retraction : with band pulled apart

  3. Chest Activation

Scapula Pulls and Pull up Swings

Now we get to the bar, working in the Vertical plane.

Pull scapula down and together, to activate scapula depression and elevation as well as protraction and retraction.

I like doing Pull up swings to warm up for Muscle ups.

Helps to co ordinate the straight arm strength and smooth out the swing. Also helps to remind you that you need explosive power and gets the muscles firing.

Biceps Tendon Stretch

I see many Calisthenics people with Anterior shoulder pain. It often stems from the long head of the Biceps tendon, so make sure you stretch this out, so it doesn't affect you.

Strengthening for those with Shoulder instability

Shoulder instability is extremely common due to the shallow ball and cup joint of the shoulder. If you have had shoulder dislocation or subluxation you need to strengthen your shoulder muscles. Perform these shoulder exercises daily, slowly and controlling the movement, particularly in external rotation.

If you would like to see more Shoulder exercises and the following Calisthenics Bar Routines, follow me on insta at @drlifepro and check out the Beach Workout Series, routines on IGTV .

If you do get pain from Calisthenics workouts, check out our other information on the site, on How to Manage your Body through training. If rest hasn't fixed the issue, its best to see a professional for more advice.

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